Deep blue, marine blue, emerald blue, the logo that contains various colors of the sea means the brand's product line in various environments and its scalability

With the most perfect shape, the goddess is located in the circle, it can be used simply in a mark-like shape in various environments and provides customers with a sense of trust such as a certification mark

The TETHYS goddess' hair is intended to become a big wave and wind that spreads throughout the world, reflecting the characteristics of the TETHYS product that "cleanens the world" and expresses cleanliness, purity, and safety

The serif body, which has a simple pavilion and a modern end finish, represents the sophisticated and smart image of TETHYS

Safely and purely


Brand Story ‘IDENTITY’


Develop circular symbols that can be used flexibly in a variety of environments, considering the expansion to the global stage


Symbolically representing elements of "Goddess's Face" and "Water, Nature" that symbolize Tethys, the goddess of the sea and river

Simple & Modern

Creating a smart and advanced corporate image by using modern lines to symbolize images in consideration of simplified modernization


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