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Tethys recommends 'the healthiest way' for a safe and clean pet life.

How it works

Mechanical Effect

Bi-directional barbs: Lower part of the thread hooks on lower part of the facial tissue which is then anchored by upper part of the thread.

Complication Prevention

Blunt needle prevents bleeding, swelling, organ damage and even alopecia which are all possible complications of thread lift.

Why choose

Molding Cog

6 directional barbs:

- 6D is tried and tested structure for the most convenient and effective thread lift procedure.

WS Cannula: 

- Insertion correctability: as long as thread is not pushed in, reinsertion is possible in case of a wrongful insertion.

- Smooth thread insertion: exit point of the cannula is in incline that enables smooth insertion of thread.


- Straw: thread shifting before usage is completely prevented by straw, leaving the device intact until it reaches user's hands.


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